About Us

The North Carolina Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (NCAPD) is an organization of dental professionals committed to the oral health care of infants, children, and adolescents, including those with special health care needs. Through patient care, education, research, advocacy, and communication, our Academy seeks to enhance the oral health of children in our North Carolina and beyond.

The NCAPD was founded on January 10th, 1971, at an inaugural meeting at the Carolina Hotel in Pinehurst. There were 10 founding members. Currently the Academy includes 186 Active, 15 Affiliate members, 19 Retired, and 9 Student members. We have been an active professional organization for the past 45 years, having met annually every year since our inception. For the past two decades the Academy has met in the fall in the Research Triangle area. Generally meetings occur on the day following a UNC-sponsored continuing education course, with meetings dedicated to advocacy issues importance to children’s oral health in NC and beyond.

Past Presidents
North Carolina Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

1971-72---Ben Baker, Kinston
1972-73---Ted Oldenburg, Chapel Hill
1973-74---Bob Williams, Chapel Hill
1974-75---Bob Williams, Chapel Hill
1975-76---Burton Horwitz, Raleigh
1976-77---Gary Dilley, Cary
1977-78---Gary Dilley, Cary
1978-79---Left Ralls, Greensboro
1979-80---Gene Howden, Chapel Hill
1980-81---Keister Richardson, Wilmington
1981-82---Larry Dempsey, Rocky Mount
1982-83---James Brittain, Charlotte
1983-84---Penn Waldron, Newton
1984-85---Gary Hill, Durham
1985-86---Bo Parrish, Raleigh
1986-87---John Pfefferle, Raleigh
1987-88---Bill Connor, Gastonia
1988-89---Phil Caldwell, Fayetteville
1989-90---Jim Congleton, New Bern
1990-91---Bill Chambers, Asheville
1991-92---Rolando Prado, Wilson
1992-93---Bryan Cobb, Greensboro
1993-94---Bart Swarr, Raleigh 
1994-95---Bill Vann, Chapel Hill
1995-96---John Christensen, Durham
1996-97---David Moore, Charlotte
1997-98---Mike Mayhew, Boone
1998-99---Scott Goodman, Charlotte
1999-00---Tom McIver, Chapel Hill
2000-01---Martha Ann Keels, Durham
2001-02---Mark Meyer, Winston-Salem
2002-03---Meg Lochary, Charlotte
2003-04---Stephanie Chen, Charlotte
2004-05---Ron Venezie, Apex
2005-06---Gail Rohlfing, Winston-Salem
2006-07---Scott Cashion, Greensboro
2007-08---Rob Moran, Cary
2008-09---Lee Lewis, Greenville
2009-10---Angie Baechtold, Asheville
2010-11---LaRee Johnson, Raleigh
2011-12---Jessica Lee, Chapel Hill
2012-13---Skip Tyson, Wilmington
2013-14---Richard Brooks, Cary
2014-15---Kate Pierce, Greensboro
2015-16---Kimberly Jones, Hickory
2016-17---Michael Roberts, Chapel Hill, NC
2017-18---Julie Dimock, Wilmington, NC

Extended Service as Secretary-Treasurer: Bob Williams 1971-73, Burton Horwitz 1973-75, Gene Howden 1975-78, Larry Dempsey 1978-80, Bill Vann 1980-91, Diane Dilley 1991-2011, Bill Vann 2011-Present.